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Thread: Unit names

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    Unit names

    I'm opening a post dedicated to Unit names, I know that probably most of you guys have already sorted out the right translation, but I'm a little behind and got to Unit names now
    Arrer orcs: no idea what they are, I found it in Games Workshop as Orchi Zagittari, is that what they are meant to be? Can we use that name or is copyrighted?
    Thanks, will post more while I find them

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    Greetings Alghero

    I have done the Greek translation so i am a volunteer just like you,
    now my suggestions
    For the Greek translation i used the greek orc bowmen equivalent =ορκ τοξότες,for some other units such as ghouls i just kept the name with greek characters = Γκουλ cause we use it as a term in fantasy games. Hope i ve helped

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