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Thread: First Impressions

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    First Impressions

    The overall feel of, and look of the game, is good. Here are a few observations from my initial games, they are not game breaking, just improvements:-

    The Bonus resource icons, are sometimes difficult to tell, to which square they belong to.

    Desert tiles should be more defined, from the plains tiles etc. (more, Yellow, and sandy looking)

    When you click on your armies on the map, and you hover over a unit icon, a description/tooltip should be shown

    When you double click on your armies, and the army panel is shown, with their abilities/perks etc. Hovering over these perks, and abilities, should show a description/tooltip.

    Just had a go of the tutorial. Units during the first battle with the fire elementals do not travel to the correct square that you click on. Mine go to the left, even when I click straight ahead.

    Played it again, but this time, units moved to correct squares?

    Damage caused by spells/attacking that is shown, should be slowed down and much clearer

    Hovering over buildings/units, in the build queue, should show tooltips/descriptions.
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    Here's my first impression after 53 minutes (according to Steam)

    I tried the Sorcerer Lord Creator...

    • Looters is not renamed to Careless
    • Prodigy still exists - didn't this change to Mentor? which is also in the list
    • ManaGenerator still exists. This changed to Mystic which is also in the list
    • I'm assuming the 20 picks is just a placeholder and/or to allow for faster testing
    • No tooltips for the Circles or the Disciplines
    • The pre-requisites are not set up yet. e.g. Summoner->Master Summoner

    The game created from the Lord Creator...

    • How do you get back to the game from the Main Menu after hitting Escape?
    • Sub Menus from the lower-right circular menu don't have tooltips
    • Magic Panel didn't have spell descriptions in the research book
    • City Screen - can't open the buildings pull-out to build a building - as Dark Elves


    • No graphic in the "Found City" icon under Pioneer
    • the gateway battle
      • units moved diagonally when I clicked straight
      • not able to select my units from 2nd round on
      • damage numbers/miss/aoo float 1/2 the battlefield away from the units
      • couldn't get info on the fire elementals

    • Tutorial let me close the Magic Panel when it was still telling me stuff about it
    • Clicking the Hero portrait didn't get me the unit screen - had to double click
    • No tooltips for magic items in inventory

    I created another "default" game with the World Map button...

    • Exact same problems with the battleboard as the Tutorial had
    • City Screen
      • no tooltips for units garrisoned
      • how to close the building/unit pull-out?
      • not all the Builder's Hall text fit in the tooltip window

    • No tooltips for units in the world map either

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    -When in windowed mode, if I move my cursor outside the window, it continues to scroll the map. It shouldn't.

    -The Geologist Discipline looks like it costs 23 points. I think it's a typo.

    -Using my cursor to hold down the + or - button when adding/subtracting points from a spell circle should tick the total up automatically. I shouldn't have to click-click-click to increase it if I want to max the circle out for instance.

    -Can I really put 10 points into a spell circles or is that a mistake?

    -I can start a game without spending all my sorcerer-lord points. I shouldn't be able to do that IMO.

    -The ghost ship graphic is way cool.

    -Love how I can rename a city by double clicking its name in city view. Nice touch, man.

    -I think the production bonus icon for terrain should match the production icon in city view. Gold and Food do, so it would be good IMO to keep the icons consistent.

    -Also it would be nice if on the terrain info window, gold and food switched order to match the order in the upper right corner of the GUI. It's a small thing, but keeping that sort of thing consistent shows the game is polished IMO.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Troy_Costisick View Post
    -I can start a game without spending all my sorcerer-lord points. I shouldn't be able to do that IMO.
    I don't think this is a bug. Many people are going to play using less points than max as a challenge, and there will probably be a score bonus for winning without as many SL points as your opponents. (Kind of like how it worked in Master of Orion 2.)
    I am waiting for the relaunch before playing Worlds of Magic, so I don't check the forums as often as I used to. In the meantime, the main forum I post at is, if anyone here needs to contact me.

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    I agree with Endless Rain.
    The Wiki.

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    The buildings in the town view looks very similar - housings look like armory and so on. Dislike this !

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    Thanks for the feedback everyone!

    This game is just huge and we can eventually do only few things at a time.
    There is still few weeks needed to make this game plays nice, however your opinion really matters. At this point we really appreciate the feedback about user interface and accessibility of the functionalities.

    I'm sure that every week the game will shape and become better and better.

    Thank you for your patience, I do believe it will be worth waiting.

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    Some points from my first experience (default game)
    Maybe some of them are not implemented yet...

    - the food doesn't stack
    - when pressing esc, directly to the main screen.
    - Can't save or resume game
    - The cities management menu doesn't show the current production of the city
    - Need a "centre on army" button in the army menu

    World map
    - gems don't appears on the tile (but the icon appears)
    - the infos icon don't work (info, map, mirror)

    - Could not change the name of the city
    - 0 gold income (very problematic, because you can't test a big army...)
    - the buildings in production are shown like housing, except the granary which looks like the builders hall

    - The item creation is too long to be tested yet (200 turns...)
    - The image of the item currently on creation is always an helmet
    - You have access to the back screen (world map, magic management) when on the vault screen

    - you need always to use all your movement to end your turn.
    - you cannot move to a square which needs 2 or more movement points when only one is remaining
    - the movement path (red or green square) are invisible on forest tile. they should be on the foreground

    - Could armies have more movement point (for the alpha version only) in order to explore faster?
    - A WoM'opedia (help) menu button is needed to have a description of what is ingame (maybe only with what you already have access only...)

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    Have run into one significant issue so far; running the Tutorial on a laptop with a basic touchpad mouse, I can't get past the second piece; "Use your mousewheel to zoom". I've tried some of the common alternatives to a mousewheel (my pad is set for two-finger scrolling, so I tried that, and PgUp/PgDn, and + and -) ...and then just going across the keyboard pushing everything, which brought out some cool stuff, but no zooming and no getting past that popup instruction. So that's... how far I've gotten so far. <grin> If we have a keyboard alternative for players without a mousewheel, it should be mentioned; if we don't, we... need one. And then it should be mentioned.

    Quote Originally Posted by Aaron
    You're not even supposed to be testing [the character creator] at this point.
    ...But your early test of your playtesters seems to be checking out great!

    Oh - agree with zdsdead about the Desert Tiles, though. I didn't know there were any on my screen until I got the mouseover text naming them as Desert.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GeneralGonzo View Post
    The buildings in the town view looks very similar - housings look like armory and so on. Dislike this !
    A few buildings use the same model. Of course it's temporary, the models are already done, just not adapted yet, so don't worry!

    - the food doesn't stack
    It shouldn't. Like in MoM, food works on a per-turn basis. However, each granary allows you to preserve 5 food.

    - Could armies have more movement point (for the alpha version only) in order to explore faster?
    you can change it easily. Go to Data/StreamingAssets/ and open units.xml. There, change the value in bold:

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