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Thread: Character creation bugs.

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    Character creation bugs.

    1: All disciplines cost either 1 or -1 point, with the exception of the Geologist discipline which costs 122 points and cannot be used at all.

    2: Prerequisites don't work, allowing you to take disciplines like Omniscient without taking prerequisites like Cartographer first.

    3: You get points for taking negative disciplines even after you go over the 6 point limit.

    4: You start with 20 points.

    5: You can select Goblins and Halflings as your starting race. If you select them, you cannot create any units or buildings. You also can't create new units or buildings if you try to play as a race that hasn't been implemented yet, like the Dark Elves.

    6: The Cartographer, Planar Cartographer, and Omniscient disciplines do nothing.

    EDIT: 7: There is no way to exit the character creation screen other than to start a new game and then go back to the main menu.
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    This is another of my slip-ups guys... The Character Creator is just a place holder. You're not even supposed to be testing it at this point. I should have mentioned that in the PMs I sent you all, but I forgot. Sorry to have wasted your time... Be fair, I've got a lot on my mind right now, lol.
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