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    You can post whatever you run into with build 1.0.652M here
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    Got in a 30 minute play session just now. First, the game looks better than ever! I'm liking the new models and the chance to play two races. Great work dev team!

    Here are might thoughts as I played:

    -New startup screen looks great. Can't wait to see the finished product.
    -The new Sorcerer Lord creator looks great bust is not intuitive at all. I'd recommend simply using +/- buttons rather than the drag system. If you use the drag system, the dots should start at 12 o'clock instead of 9 o'clock.
    -Switching to Unhallowed from High Men and then back to High Men does not chance the picture. It stays the unhallowed character.
    -Save Game doesn't let me name the file.
    -It would be great if you could reduce the size of the vegetation on the plains tiles. It's so big it's hard to tell them from forests at times.
    -I chose 1 opponent and got both Merlin and Rjak in game as opponents.
    -Desert tiles should be more yellowish. Right now they look a lot like plains tiles.
    -I got a pop-up window about units deserting because of lack of food. This bugged the game and I couldn't end the turn. Saving and reloading the game fixed the problem though.
    -I got a repeated error: "Coroutine couldn't be started because the the game object 'CityTemplateClone' is inactive!"

    I still had fun playing and I loved being able to save the game. It's looking better all the time, guys!


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    Glad you like the progress. Let's see here:

    The startup screen does keep getting better. Our art team is awesome

    We're still tinkering with the Sorcerer Lord Creator. Would tool-tips help?

    The “picture switch” should be taken care of before long.

    The save game feature is rather feature poor right now. We hope to change that soon.

    Thanks for the feedback about the terrain. We'll give it a think

    The Game options just got put in place. There are probably a number of uncrossed Ts in there. Thanks for pointing that one out.

    The “pop-up lockup” is something we've run into occasionally as well. We're working on it.

    That error message is another bug we're trying to find and kill.

    Thanks for the feedback! We're working away in the background. Bugs crushing and adding more “game” are occupying our time
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    I definitely think step-by-step tool-tips would help. They should also have a check-box that says, "Do Not Show This Anymore" so people can turn them off once they learn the game.
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    Tool tips would be fantastic in the Sorcerer Lord Creator.

    What is "Force State_Change_War" and "Force State_Change_Eternal_War"?

    Set it up for seven opponents; it's rather amusing watching it cycle through, "Merlin turn" "Rjak turn" "Rjak turn" "Markas Turn" "Merlin turn" "Merlin Turn" "Rjak turn"...I know that's just making do with what it has, and not a bug, but it does then seem to do "World Faction Turn" three times, and I'm not sure if that's a bug or not?

    ...Oh! I also meant to mention: I had a game start with "Golden Showerton" for my city name. Totally breaks the mood. I generally hardly even look at my city names, to be honest, but that made me want to change it. I definitely vote for taking that one out, backer-reward or no.
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    Golden Showerton? really? Yeah, tell that backer if he (I'm guessing it's a he) wants to make a dirty joke, at least be clever about it!
    Ex: Aurea Cataracta (just put "golden waterfall" through google translate into Latin.) or Auri Casus ("falling gold" via google.)
    Really not that hard to make a dirty joke without being obscene.

    Alpha testing looks harder than I thought, though! Thanks to everyone involved in the effort!

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    What is "Force State_Change_War" and "Force State_Change_Eternal_War"?
    Basic diplomacy AI notifications.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hoverdog View Post
    Basic diplomacy AI notifications.
    Awesome to see some AI work going on!
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    elements should probably be across from their opposing ones (like life is from death). so air across from earth, and water across from fire (instead of next to). i don't know opposites for effect circles, and i doubt there is a standard opposition for such, aside from protection and destruction.

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    How about Protection/Destruction, Biomancy/Mentalism, and Summoning/Augmentation for the effect circle opposites.
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