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Thread: Known issues

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    Known issues

    When reporting a bug/issue please attach a screenshot.

    Whenever the game crashes send us:

    • output_log
      \Steam\SteamApps\common\WorldsOfMagic\WorldsOfMagi c_Data\output_log.txt
    • ai logs (.html files with a date when you started the game)
      \Steam\SteamApps\common\WorldsOfMagic\WOther_World AI-<date&time of your gameplay start>.html
    • all autosaves (zip the whole folder)
      \Documents\Wastelands-Interactive\Worlds of Magic\Saves\Autosave\


    • sometimes world map stays active when entering city - there are both city and worldmap GUIs visible. Whenever you encounter this, send us output_log!
    • flag persists over features after dissmissing army
    • changing from fullscreen to windowed mode may create various graphic glitches


    • Missing icons for production queue
    • Missing icons for abilities
    • Spells have Fireball icon
    • Missing tooltips
    • No GUI to change language

    Not a bug:

    • Huge armies
    • Map keeps on scrolling when moving the cursor out of the window
    • Gold/food/mana and it's "on turn end" value changes during turn


    • If you see anything purple - let us know.

    Fixed issues (not yet included in build):
    • fixed null reference on healer familiar description

    Fixed issues (included in 1239M):

    • fixed null referrence when dismissing last unit
    • fixed null referrence for battle ai
    • fixed bug when one ai unit would not attack
    • lord portraits are correctly assigned on enchantments panel
    • fixed a bug when sorting tabs would be marked after reopening spellbook
    • portraits are correctly assigned to enchantments now
    • fixed unholy weapon duration
    • global enchantments will reapply correctly when a target becomes legal
    • unit enchantments will remove themselves when target becomes illegal
    • fixed load crash
    • many adjustments and fixes to spell system
    • and many, many more

    Fixed issues (included in 1078M):
    • null reference exception when loading the game from the world map
    • currently researched spell icon was Fireball by default after load
    • added missing unit abilities icons
    • fixed null reference during refreshing tiles visible by unit on load
    • fixed crash when ai tried to attack itself
    • fixed bug when splitting army onto a tile with another army would overwrite it
    • fixed random seed issue
    • fixed unit's mana display
    • fixed discipline epxloit
    • fixed unit queue exploit (by adding building to queue, adding new unit to queue and then removing the building)
    • ai units will no longer move out of bounds
    • it's no longer possible to attack cities from a distance
    • fixed occasional "KeyNotFoundException"
    • propably fixed stuck army bug

    Fixed issues (included in 1030:1031M):

    • removed potion master
    • loading progress is now updating correctly
    • natural healing restores killed figures, as well as regular healing
    • fixed - null reference when returning to main menu and (rarely) when generating world
    • fixed - 'purple things' on earth battle map
    • fixed - natural healing
    • fixed - misplaced (invisible) world features
    • fixed - null reference/crash when building siphon/road
    • fixed - negative hp when unit with low hp leveled up
    • fixed - "summoning to:" on magic panel does not change if you change city's name
    • fixed - it was possible to load battle map many times instead of once. PROPABLY this also fixed units going out of grid.
    • fixed - stuck armies (propably)
    • fixed - army flag is behind the fog of war
    • fixed - graphic glitches on shadow battleboard
    • fixed - units properly gain levels and are not healed after load
    • fixed - advanced tab does not refresh when switching units
    • fixed - changed dark elves to gray elves
    • fixed - mana tooltip on the bottom left
    • fixed - rare, exotic division by zero error
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