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Thread: The Heroes

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    The Heroes

    Ah yes my friends, the time has come at last. We need to start putting together our list of Heroes and Champions. Obviously, I've decided to start with the Heroes. Now, here's what you need to know:

    We have twenty-five (25) Hero slots to fill.
    Heroes should fill a D20 class role. (← You can take a look at that link if you're not familiar.)
    You don't need to know anything about D20 to make a suggestion. (We can fit it into a class for you.)
    Heroes should use a basic class.
    If your pitch is very good I may let you sneak in a cross-class.
    No prestige classes for Heroes.
    The D20 classes are just a base. Class abilities will be pulled from the WoM list. (← Again, link).
    Heroes will start with roughly the power of a level 5 D20 character. (It may be a little higher for some.)
    Familiar's and animal companions will have to be boiled down to bonuses, extra attacks, or lore.
    I've probably forgotten something. (Yes, that's important to keep in mind, lol.)

    Now for the classic question: So, you want to make a hero? (Can anywhere tell me where I got the base for my modified quote there?) Well, here's your chance. Dive in. Don't hold back. Who do you want to see in this game?
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    I totally have not been waiting for this...

    Sir Kaylen the Knight-Errant

    'A Squire? No, never had one... Nope, no Manservant either... My dubbing was not necessarily formal, no... Look, your questions are getting a little impertinent now'

    Description- Fighter Class

    As the third son of a noble yet relatively poor House, Sir Kaylen inherited neither wealth or land on the death of his father. Expected to join the clergy and hating the thought of it, he left one night with his father's old armour and Warhorse and never looked back...

    Finding the life of a Hedge Knight (though he would never describe himself as such) rather arduous and tiring of chasing bandits and fighting in petty squabbles, he now seeks the most elusive prize of all- a noble cause and steady employment!

    Abilities- Charge

    Though his armour may be of an older vintage, it is very well cared for and his War Horse, though shabby, still has the strength to carry his master into battle. Other Knights may laugh and scoff, but when Sir Kaylen hits with his lance he hits with the experience born of many battles. He is equally adept with the sword for close-combat.


    Needing little fame for hire, he is none the less expensive in terms of upkeep. Players may find his combat prowess to come at an expensive premium in the early game when not fighting.


    Cirrym the Learned

    'Let me regale you with a tale of how I worked out the length of the Water Plane. It was a hot summer day and I had just eaten an unsatisfactory apple from a local Fruit Stall...'

    Description- Monk or Wizard class

    Few mortals have reached the age Cirrym has and even fewer have attained the scholarly knowledge he has attained. His knowledge is broad over a range of topics, though most Sorcerer Lords value him for his aid in research efforts and skills at dispelling unwanted battlefield magical effects. He has a tendency to... ramble... somewhat.

    Abilities- Banish, Caster (Earth Circle)

    Cirrym is learned in many fields, a benefit of his curious mind and keen intellect. He provides a research bonus to his faction and can cast limited spells on the battlefield, mostly focused on the art of dispelling and removing poisons. His magical attack ensures he is not defenseless on the field.


    Robes are poor protection at the best of times, so Cirrym cannot hold out in sustained combat very long. His Magical attack drains his mana pool, so a Commander may have to decide on whether it is best to employ his spell-casting or missile attack.

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    I can't remember, was there a backer option to name heroes too? Like the titans?


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    Do heroes have to be of races already in the game, or can there be, say, a Halfling or Minotaur hero?
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    Hey, MoM had a Golden One.. I'd say let your creativity loose : )

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    I don't have specific suggestions, but I really like the prestige classes from the d20 list. There's a number of interesting concepts there that I think would fit well.

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    Also, are we going to get MoM style champions as well?
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    I was about to ask it but was outpaced by Happerry But I'll ask it with a bit more details : are we supposed to have the Hero/Champion difference like in MoM ? If so, how will Champions be handled ? They'll start at higher level (and so have higher maximal level, if allowed to gain as many levels), but then, it'll make them have slower progression ? Or will they just have better ability stats ? Or something else ?

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    We can be a little flexible when it comes to race. I can see letting a minotaur in there for example

    Yes, Champions are supposed to be more championy and we'll get to them in time. They will start at a higher level, have a higher max level, and may be able to have prestige classes or what have you. For now, however, we're working on Heroes.

    Anyways, keep the ideas flowing.
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    I have an idea for one of the lowest end Heroes... Like one of the 5 Fame starter heroes from MoM (Brax/Tumu)

    Think Dirk the Daring. A Hero who thinks he's all that, but isn't.
    Dirk the Daring.jpg

    Stiman Pyle
    Human Fighter
    STR - high
    DEX - ultra low
    CON - low

    If even starter Heroes need abilities, I can see Stiman having Indomitable Will and maybe Fast Movement.

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