Ah yes my friends, the time has come at last. We need to start putting together our list of Heroes and Champions. Obviously, I've decided to start with the Heroes. Now, here's what you need to know:

We have twenty-five (25) Hero slots to fill.
Heroes should fill a D20 class role. (← You can take a look at that link if you're not familiar.)
You don't need to know anything about D20 to make a suggestion. (We can fit it into a class for you.)
Heroes should use a basic class.
If your pitch is very good I may let you sneak in a cross-class.
No prestige classes for Heroes.
The D20 classes are just a base. Class abilities will be pulled from the WoM list. (← Again, link).
Heroes will start with roughly the power of a level 5 D20 character. (It may be a little higher for some.)
Familiar's and animal companions will have to be boiled down to bonuses, extra attacks, or lore.
I've probably forgotten something. (Yes, that's important to keep in mind, lol.)

Now for the classic question: So, you want to make a hero? (Can anywhere tell me where I got the base for my modified quote there?) Well, here's your chance. Dive in. Don't hold back. Who do you want to see in this game?