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Thread: V 1.0.362m

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    V 1.0.362m

    • Still no recovery from escaping to Main Menu.
    • Can't name an item you're forging.
    • When an army is in a city or other world map structure they are "swallowed up" - there's no graphical representation for them. That's not right.
    • The tooltips for all 3 resources on the World Map say Mana.
    • It took me a long time to figure out that the building over there on the World Map was an Inn. It is not obvious with the one small word way up in the corner of the screen.
    • BTW, does the Inn do anything yet? I couldn't interact with it.
    • IMO, the terrain info panel should include move point cost.
    • Speaking of MP cost... Not sure of the terrain type now that I think about it because it's hard to tell the flat terrains apart... Does Desert cost more than Plains? My Swordsman could move backwards (I though to more Desert, but maybe it was Plains), but not forwards through the Desert.
    • I couldn't tell Desert from Shore graphically. They were about 6 tiles apart and honestly looked the same to me.
    • Just curious, why does Coal sparkle?
    • I didn't intend to beat on the graphics when I exited the game, but in writing the MP cost bullet-point it dawned on me that I had trouble with the flat terrain. I know you probably spent a lot of time making the terrain look more real than in other games (which I do appreciate), but I would sacrifice some realism in order to make the visual representation obvious to the player.
    • I split the Swordsman and Cleric to explore faster... They were rarely both visible on the World Map. Most of the time only one or none of them were visible. When I had control of one of them, the other was never visible.
    • On turn 11 I couldn't end the turn because the game insisted a unit needed attention. Both of them were out of MP. Thus ended my playthrough.

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    Ampoliros, I'm just going to jump in and hit the highlights

    The Main Menu isn't going to be in place for a little while. At the moment it's a quick reset button. We do need to tell new testers not to click it unless they want to end the game.

    We are going to have to add a “garrison icon” or something to show you that an army is stationed in a world feature.

    The tooltips are in a constant state of flux. Thanks for pointing out the mistake

    The Inn will be more obvious in the long run and it will actually do something, lol.

    Including movement cost in the terrain info is a great suggestion!

    The look of the world map is also in a constant state of flux and we appreciate feedback. We need to know things like “Desert looks too much like shore”. Needless to say, we spend a lot of time looking at it. Getting feedback is what this is all about.

    Coal sparkles to get your attention and say “Hey! There's some coal over here!”. It sparkled before we added the other icons to point out world resources. They may not keep sparkling in the long run.

    Can you expound on your problem with flat terrain? You couldn't tell them apart? Was that the main issue?

    Armies do go invisible sometimes. We may need to start a post about it so that we can collect feedback on what's causing it.

    There is a “wait” button under your armies. At the moment you'll get the notification if the army isn't completely out of movement points (we may change this soon). For the moment, just click the wait button for each army and you'll be able to end the turn.

    Good feedback! Keep it coming
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    Coal sparkles to get your attention and say “Hey! There's some coal over here!”. It sparkled before we added the other icons to point out world resources. They may not keep sparkling in the long run.
    I hope they do sparkle in the long run. I love that!
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    Just a quick note, I clicked the Information menu and the report icon opens a panel I can't close no matter what. I can still access units and cities behind or open and close other panels, but could not get rid of it...

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    Just a short notice that the movement cost is different for each unit.
    So an army indeed moves with the rate of the slowest unit, but displaying that unit's movement rate on a specific terrain type might be confusing.

    Of course we will think on some elegant solution

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    allocating workers decreases production at first:
    post worker change.jpgpreworker change.jpg
    i'l post more bugs as i find them.

    no exit for report screen.jpg

    no exit for report screen (escape button or 'X').

    my troops disappeared, didn't notice it at first, due to the menu being in the way and them having long term orders, but they just up and disappeared. probably due to a lack of food.

    cursor at edge of screen doesn't scroll when over the resource gui in the top right.

    smithy merged with house.jpg

    smithy merged with house.

    can decrease to zero.jpg

    can decrease spellcraft/crafting to zero as decreasing levels don't add to the other.
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    Good feedback Jamo. Thanks!!
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