OK guys, I want to talk numbers real quick. As you know we have 25 hero slots. There are a number of combat roles these heroes are going to fill. I think we need to consider how many of each kind we want before we start making firm decisions.

Basically we need:

Fighters – Obvious. They fight. Sword and shield or scimitar, bastard sword or bow, when they take the battlefield, their enemies, they go. Lol.

Clerical Caters – Healing spells, damaging spells, turn undead, etc. We can do anything from classic clerics to wandering lay healers.

Arcane Casters – Wizards and Sorcerers dishing out spells and throwing raw magic energy around the battlefield.

Rogues – Invisibity, back stab thing going on maybe, some other bonuses that makes sense from a rougey point of view. (We'll also put bards in this category.)

Unhallowed – Most of the regular heroes and champions won't work with the unhallowed. So, we need to make a set of heroes just for them.

What we need to deiced is how many we want of each kind. (And let me know if I overlooked anything obvious.)

So, thoughts?