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    Stiman Pyle

    ampoliros pitched the idea for a low power starter hero that's easy to get. His pitch ran thus:

    Think Dirk the Daring. A Hero who thinks he's all that, but isn't.

    Human Fighter
    STR - high
    DEX - ultra low
    CON - low

    If even starter Heroes need abilities, I can see Stiman having Indomitable Will and maybe Fast Movement.

    What do we think of the concept? What do we think of the build?
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    I think we can do better than this. Maybe a Rogue or archer could be the "base model" hero.

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    The great thing about MoM was that not all Heroes were created equal. Some were basically arrow-fodder. If Stiman is cheap to hire and upkeep for those SL's working to a budget I'll support. There's always a Brax The Dwarf...

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    There's also Zaldron the Sage who you could hire for free pretty much every game. And he was awesome! Introductory heroes don't necessarily have to suck. What are your fealings on this, Aaron?
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    the 0 fame needed heroes are:
    Bahgtru the Orc Warrior - melee (thrown) [1 random fighter skill]
    Brax the Dwarf - melee
    B'Shan the Dervish - archer (ranged)
    Gunther the Barbarian - melee (thrown)
    Rakir the Beastmaster - melee (caster)
    Serena the Healer - melee (caster, healer, ranged) [1 random mage skill]
    Shuri the Huntress - archer (ranged) [1 random fighter skill]
    Theria the Thief - melee
    Valana the Bard - melee (caster)
    Zaldron the Sage - mage (caster, ranged)

    i think it is also worth mentioning that everyone could have their own torin (or other hero), each with their own name.

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    +1 for heroes not being all the same power.
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    Heroes are not going to have the same power. This is a place where balance isn't as important as flavor. One good or bad hero isn't going to make or break your game.

    Still, I think we should aim at making each Hero worth having. If everything thinks the Hero stinks then they probably do and we don't want that, lol.
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    brax is generally considered the worst hero. his strong points are HP and resistance. resistance becomes overshadowed by all the champions with the charmed ability (or if you give and item with that power), and all champions will have enough resistance without items when maxed out to make the extra resistance of little use. his HP while high is mitigated by low defense, which results in him not actually being as tough as most other melee centered champions, and thus needs items to help him survive to higher levels (and you get him when you generally can't just make him some armor).

    he is a good example of what not to do, he lacks any effective strengths due to either mixing strengths with weaknesses, or using a strengths that is easily overshadowed.


    for dirk i think maybe a barbarian might be better, extra HP will help him offset the con penalty, and he should get fast movement and charge (instead of indomitable will). make him more of a hit and run sort of guy instead of a flail of death (typical barb).
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    So far this idea seems not to have overwhelming support. We'll wait and see if anyone wants to blow on the coals, lol.
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