We need a few undead heroes. I think this one may fit the bill. Lintking's pitch ran thus:

Vanthrax went from the village scapegoat, to the village bully, to the village's Tyrannical Overlord in the space of six months as his magic manifested. He was eagerly positioning himself, in fact, to continue his meteoric rise to become, perhaps, a full Sorcerer Lord himself. A bit too eagerly, though; he drew too much of the wrong kinds of attention, and was summarily dispatched and brought back as an undead servant. His natural power, though, kept his mind intact, and though he is now forced to serve others, he does so reluctantly.

Abilities: Caster, Corrupt
Perks: Undead

I would tweak the lore here a tad, but in the main I like it. We might want to give him Create Undead as well.

Either way, he's a nice clean undead sorcerer.