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Thread: Krieg – Fighter

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    Krieg – Fighter

    This is a pitch for a half-troll fighter. Here's what zdsdead posted about him:

    Kriegs mother was raped by a troll, and died giving birth to him, due to his size. During the pregnancy she made her husband promise to bring Krieg up with as much love, as if he were his own child. He kept his promise, and raised Krieg as best he could, in a small human town. Obviously Kriegs huge stature and fierce looks, drew unwanted attention to himself, and he was shunned and bullied generally until his teenage years, were his sheer size was enough to scare all but the most foolhardy, or drunk citizen, into silence.

    Once old enough Krieg enlisted in the city guard, and quickly rose through the ranks. Leaving after 20 years service, to start a successful career, as a highly paid, hired mercenary.

    Troll blood : Krieg has troll blood in his veins, meaning he can regenerate wounds, to some extent, as long as the wounds caused, are not by means of a flaming attack.

    Krieg wields a huge 2 handed axe, and is reputed to be able to split a man in two, with a single mighty blow.

    Krieg wears full plate mail, but refuses to wear a helmet of any kind, he finds them stifling, to his battle senses.

    No rape, lol. I see where you're coming from, but in my opinion we can leave this part of the lore more discrete. He's a half-troll, that's all we have to say.

    I like giving him regeneration and he's obviously a fighter rather than barbarian, which I like.

    So, +/-1s?
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    +1 from me, though with Plate and Regen he might suit the mid tier of heroes (to use MoM parlance)

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    +1 to Krieg.

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    +1 from me

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    Like so?:

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