OK, so Les got generous and let the backers who had gotten names also pick races and classes. I decided to post the list of what we've got just as food for thought.

We have:

Slayfang – A female draconian.
Tulvan Dreamchaser – A human mage who's a heretic.
Verne Stargrove – A human paladin or knight.
Dran Draxanisom – A draconian spellsword with brown skin.
Pilarica – A human priestess.
Monica Bloodblade – A half-elf fighter.
Kathentira Dire – A dark elf fighter/mage.
An Mani – An undead human necromancer.
Guldor Zeugme – An orc fighter or ranger.
Crombie – A high men paladin.
Littleluk – An unlucky rogue.
Dohar – A male dark elf assassin.

Now, that's 12 of our 25 right there. We're also waiting to hear back from three more backers. It's actually a pretty good mix. They might be a little heavy on the fighter side, but that will be easy to counter with some of our other suggestions.