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Thread: Cirrym the Learned

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    Cirrym the Learned

    The pitch is for an old, wise, earth caster. It's clean and simple and I like it. He could end up being a counter-part to Merlin if he attains immortality in WoM 2 or 3, lol.

    War Troll's pitch:

    Description- Monk or Wizard class

    Few mortals have reached the age Cirrym has and even fewer have attained the scholarly knowledge he has attained. His knowledge is broad over a range of topics, though most Sorcerer Lords value him for his aid in research efforts and skills at dispelling unwanted battlefield magical effects. He has a tendency to... ramble... somewhat.

    Abilities- Banish, Caster (Earth Circle)

    Cirrym is learned in many fields, a benefit of his curious mind and keen intellect. He provides a research bonus to his faction and can cast limited spells on the battlefield, mostly focused on the art of dispelling and removing poisons. His magical attack ensures he is not defenseless on the field.


    Robes are poor protection at the best of times, so Cirrym cannot hold out in sustained combat very long. His Magical attack drains his mana pool, so a Commander may have to decide on whether it is best to employ his spell-casting or missile attack.

    As monks are a martial class in D20, I'm pretty sure that's not what you meant. You meant magic using monk type guy. Which we can have. We can call our magic users whatever we want!

    Still, I vote for “wizard” just to make the idea clear.


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    Lol I think wizard yeah, I came up with him when I was a bit muddled about the criteria! Just a question- is there a skill similar to MoM's Sage? i.e gives research points to owner?

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    +1 I like this old chap
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    +1 to him.

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    +1, a wizard with banish would be nice indeed.

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    Take a look:


    I added Sage
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