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Thread: Dwarven Fighter

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    I like Drobanir.

    That was a dwarven Fighter of the good old RPG Amberstar, which I played through 2 times on my Amiga .
    Since then,I am always using this name when naming a dwarf in all games I play

    Boron is also a name I like a lot for a Dwarf.

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    We could play off of Brax and call him Drax.

    Or.. Gamdahl, Worin, Heimgrim

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    brax may have been named after a board game (named brax). i don't have a name suggestion, just thought i'd throw some (possibly) related trivia out there.

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    I went with Drax because it's a cap tip to MoM (sortof) and I love Doctor Who. (Some of you may remember Drax from The Armageddon Factor.)

    Either way, here he is:

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    That's Cool
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    Drax is cool.

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    I like Drax, very much
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