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    I'm not sure what we're going to do with the tutorial when. At the moment we're packing in features and stomping out fires.

    I do want the new tutorial in place before we get to Beta, but we'll just have to see how it goes.
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    I've been dreadfully busy but got a bit playtime today. I seem to be freezing a lot. Not crashing to desktop but when clicking next turn the game freezes randomly either leaving the hourglass icon or not even that. This happens even if I try the supported race (humans, all others crash in the sorcerer lord creator). I've yet to manage to fight anything as my armies keep disappearing (known bug) so can't comment on it.

    It looks promising but I dislike the user interface a lot. For me it's too *heavy* and not informative enough. The style itself is not necessarily bad but there's a lot of clicking and a lot of information that should be shown simply by moving the mouse over city or unit icon is not available. You have to click those troublesome menus. For me menus are for easily accessible spreadsheet data.

    Also there are some things that I think can be chalked for alpha feature. I.e. when you start your gold is negative. There should be enough gold and food to keep those two troops of yours running without need for extra. Similarly there are tons of resources spawned around. They should be more strategically placed. Again just imo. This probably changes in the future.

    A few QoL issues I hope will get addressed in future:

    1. Researching a spell does not show instantly how many turns it will take to research it as far as I can tell. You have to select and close the research window before you can see this.
    2. There's icon for total generated gold, food and mana in overview but not for generated research. I think there should be one.
    3. When you hover over a city you should be able to get tooltip which essentially gives you summary that clicking the city-menu currently gives. Slightly offset from the city or below the current "terrain" info.
    4. I kept wondering why my food was in negative and gold didn't accumulate. Then I realized my "food" was in fact the gold icon and my "gold" was in fact the food icon. Would be nice if they were a bit more clearer.
    5. The font is pretty hard to read. Especially for gold, food, mana etc where numbers are shown.
    6. A lot of doubleclicking. I.e. when selecting a spell for research you have to doubleclick instead of single click even if a single click would do.
    7. You should be able to right click or get a tooltip for description of spells you are planning to research. Including the numerical data.
    8. Maybe it's just me but the armies feel a bit too large on the map.
    9. Centering on selected army or city should not be hidden behind menu. There should be a global "center on selected target" button.
    10. The city info and roster are both way too heavy. It's okay when you have two or three cities and armies but when you have dozen it becomes cumbersome. It really needs a spreadsheet format.
    11. Build queue directly on the city page without extra tabs please. I want to see with a single glance what I'm building and currently planning to build.
    12. Display the time it takes to build/hire below all the items in queue. Not just the one being built currently. Make it easy to swap out specific items from queue.
    13. Changing the number of farmers, builders and researchers should instantly show the effect it has on your total gold, research and food income so you don't have to close the window and then backpedal if you accidently added too many.
    14. You can't currently display accurate unit or building information from actual build/hire screens. Neither can you display the data of garrisoned units from the city screen.
    15. There's plenty of real estate available. Please add quickslots on the left (overland map) and bottom (tactical) side of the screen where you can add 5-10 favorite spells. Separate selection for overland and tactical combat.
    16. Ability to move UI elements around.
    17. I hate with passion the "X requires your attention" when trying to complete my turn. It needs to die a painful death!

    Edit: I may update this as more comes up but as you can see the UI is my biggest issue. Strategy games like this tend to live or die by their UI from my perspective. They need to be efficient, useful and informative. Very graphics heavy cumbersome UIs are in the one end while MOO3 style spreadsheets are in the other. Currently WoM leans way too much towards the former. Balance must be found.
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    with AoW3 i found that i could end turn well before it let me, which was very helpful for most of the game. the X requires attention thing shouldn't keep you from doing other stuff, including ending turn. eventually the X needs attention will help make sure you get to everything, but when that point happens is different for everyone, and removing it is removing a helpful tool (once it become helpful for you).

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    Thanks for all the feedback!

    In the long run you will be able to end your turn when you want. For now we're testing. So, basically, we want you doing everything you can each turn, lol.
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