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Thread: Verne Stargrove

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    Verne Stargrove

    A Human Paladin or Knight. We may want to pitch the story more from the Knight side. We have another Paladin coming up and I don't want to flood the world with them, lol.
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    I like the Knight idea. Perhaps he came from a kingdom where the royal family was lost? Perhaps from a plague or from the Unhallowed corrupting everything?
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    he came from a long line of human allies of elves. some barbaric orcs got displaced from their homes and sought to take a new one from the elves. the vast hordes descended upon the grove, and the humans were called on to defend the elven home. the elves unsuited to taking the brunt of the force had the humans hold the line, while the elves circled around and hit them from the sides and flank. the orcs broke through the lines and slaughtered the humans, and the elves had some reserves hold the forest line. the battle was bloody, but the elves were saved. a lone human warrior was nursed back to health after the battle. being the only noble left the kingdom fell to him to rule, but without forces to keep the peace bandits began to plague his people. he appealed to the elves, but the elves felt that spreading what few of their forces remained too thinly for what amounted to an internal issue was not the right decision. the bandits eventually grew bold enough to take the kingdom. the knight fell to their cunning and was locked out of his castle with only the tools of war left to him. he visited the elves, and the granted him some food and shelter, but his spite quickly wore out his welcome. now he wanders the land, fighting for anyone who would pay.

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    Very interesting! I'll try and do a writeup tomorrow or the next day.

    If anyone else wants to throw in a little more food for thought feel free. I'm using these suggestions as a base for my writeups
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    I don't know why but the Stargrove part of his name is making me think of some sort of ancestral duty to protect some druids.
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    OK, here's my crack at it:


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