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Thread: Unit animations

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    Unit animations

    I noticed in the Alpha video posted on Facebook that both priest and swordsman units are having some very unnatural animations, especially how they breathe. Only people with severe health problems breathe like that. Skilled fighters breathe without moving their shoulders up and down. It's important for both close-range combat (attacking while the opponent is breathing in has a good chance to decide a fight), and for long-range units as well (difficult to aim with a bow or a gun if your whole upper body moves up and down during breathing).
    This kind of animation is not disturbing in case of monsters, as, they are not natural creatures. But the above guidelines should be true for most humanoids.

    I'm sorry to bring this up, I know it's a minor thing, and maybe I'm the only one for whom it's disturbing, but I cannot get over it.

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    Actually, we also thought about these animations after we watched the alpha video. Before that we didn't see the problem. The reason that these animations are so strong is that when the camera is far from the units, and when there are about 4 units on a single tile during the battle the realistic, more subtle animations are just not visible. Even if the player notices that there is any movement between the units the eye cannot catch what exactly is going on there.

    To remove the disturbing effect of these animations we slowed them down. What is more, the animations of clerics/swordsmen which you could see in the video were ones of the first we made for the game, so they aren't the best ones as we didn't have a clear game view back then

    And of course, thanks for the feedback!

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    Thank You!

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