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Thread: Zubaz the Storm

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    Well a simple name change would fix most issues on that part, just as long as we don't end up with a blond orc Of course, if someone thinks of a better hero than... Eric Tron(?) then go for them instead.

    Beyond that, I agree with Hap. If the monk can be decent without an actual weapon then go for it! The concept is sound (mostly) if it can be executed well. I actually thought that being electrical immune, electric damaging and having both first strike and anti-first strike powers would make him a litte broken or silly.

    If I were being more serious I would have suggested something similar but ice-based. :P
    Maybe in future I should suggest a priest/bard with an Axe for a joke character. One that worships the metal gods. Axe, guitar, get it?
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    I do get it, lol.

    Anyways, we'll shelve him for now. We may pull him in as the last hero. It will depend on what the lineup looks like.
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