This one is from Cirno. I like it (although I plan to tweak the lore as I always do). A monk with an affinity for lightning is interesting. It reminds me of Big Trouble in Little China, lol.

Here's the pitch:

Class: Monk
Born under a blood red moon and trained by the mysterious order of the storm, Zubaz was almost blessed by the gods to unite the land. Sadly the gods forgot to set that as his destiny and now this powerful fist fighter wanders the land without purpose. After being rejected from several armies for being too spikey, he decided to make his own fortune as a mercanary for any who want his services.

Abilites and perks:
First strike + Negate First strike: Lightning always strikes first.
Wall Crusher: It won't be a matter of will he break down that wall, but when.
Electrical Immunity: You can't fight fire with fire.

Traits: Zubaz attacks similar to the Cutter units, prefering to use mutiple blows with his fists rather than strike with a heavy weapon. Usually this might be ineffective, but thanks to his training Zubaz is able to enchant his hands with Electrical energy, making him much more dangerous than he may seem at first. Zubaz also sees ranged weaponary as rather weak, prefering to get his hands dirty in close-combat wheever possible, however he is in possession of a whip that he may use to strike a foe that isn't in melee range.