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Thread: Tutorial -- hero equipping weaon

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    Tutorial -- hero equipping weaon

    There's some oddities in the tutorial that I won't go into because I think most have been mentioned before. I ran into some REAL quirkiness when trying to equip a weapon.

    1. I go into my hero's inventory and I see 3 weapons. I have no idea which one is the one I just crafted, and there doesn't seem to be any description or tooltip or anything on any of the weapons.
    2. I try to drag one of the weapons to a weapons slot and it seems to work but I don't see any change in my hero's stats. So I assume this is not the crafted weapon.
    3. I try to drag another weapon over it, and it lays over that weapon (doesn't replace it). I now have one weapon in my inventory and one on my hero, and no idea what happend to the third weapon.
    4-10. Miscellaneous quirkiness like 3 which I don't need to repeat or detail. But among the quirks, at one point I'm trying to drag a weapon, but instead I get the ghost of a shield (I have no shield but it thinks I'm dragging a shield). The third weapon magically reappears at one point but then goes away again. I have a weapon that doesn't quite fit in the slot (it's diagonally trying to fit in a rectangularly vertical slot). In no case do I ever see any stats or name or description of an item, nor do I see any stats changing on my hero.

    Anyway, that's when I closed the game because I could not figure out how to PROPERLY equip the crafted weapon, because I had no clue as to which one was the one I crafted, nor did I ever have any clue as to when the weapon was actually (as far as the game was concerned) equipped, other than a quirky visual of it fitting in the slot (sometimes correctly, sometimes not, sometimes with one weapon overlaying another, etc.).

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    Haldurson, we're planing to totally rework the tutorial between now and the Beta. Thanks for the feedback! We will get to it, we just have quite a bit of fish to fry at the moment
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