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Thread: Ixi - Ghostly Bard

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    Ixi - Ghostly Bard

    This is one of Lintking's and it's certainly interesting. Here's the pitch:

    Ixi is a mischevious spirit who has long since forgotten where she really came from. She makes up a new story every time someone asks. Personally, she's very weak, but she is also hard to find and harder to hurt - almost more of a haunting melody on the battlefield than an identifiable shape. She makes an excellent spy.

    Abilities: Caster (low), Frightening Tune, Invisibility, Inspire Courage
    Perks: Ethereal, Undead, Evasion

    Note: Ethereal is a bit strong for the Hero level, but Ixi has virtually no physical stats - she uses Frightening Tune and Inspire Courage to bolster the troops that she's with, and can cast some minor spells, but mostly, she's meant for world-map exploration - scouting and spying. If you can get some levels into her, though, her Caster could build up to something more exciting by the mid-game.

    The idea is neat because you can see her working with living as well as the undead.

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    I love this idea! Would the bard get the magical ranged attack ability?
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    Have a +1 from me. I like this one a lot.
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    +1; interesting idea.

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    +1 Interesting take on a hero.
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    Excellent idea + "our undead are different" at least some of them


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    a solid concept as both a general and as a scout. i don't think bards, clerics, paladins, and rangers should get magical missiles, bards should get inspiration, and clerics healing/purify/turn undead instead.

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    +1 from me.

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    I like it, +1

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    The name says insect to me. Would there be undead insects?

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