This one is Happerry's. He's a minotaur barbarian. I like him both because he's a barbarian, which we don't have, and a minotaur, which is a hint at things to come. Here's the pitch:

Description- Barbarian Class
Grogar is a powerful barbarian warrior come down from the mountains in search of fame and glory. Once the chief of a fierce tribe, his younger brother disposed of him in a horrible battle that shattered an entire cliff. Now he seeks to hone his strength in the wars of the Sorcerer Lords, so that when he returns no one will dare challenge him again.

Abilities-Rage, Charge
Grogar is a barbarian of horrible might, and like all barbarians is likely to fly into horrible rages when battle is joined, awakening only from the bloodfury when no one is left to slay. As a minotaur, he has mastered the arts of charging into combat, hammering down foes with his horrible horns. Indeed, such attacks are why he is known as 'the Horned'.

Traits-Horn Attack
Besides his great two handed axe, Grogar will also attack enemies in melee with his two great horns. He scorns armor, depending on his great endurance to let him survive his battles.

What do we think?