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Thread: New translation file

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    New translation file

    Hi all and sorry if this was already answered elsewhere, unfortunately I've been really busy with personal matters. I still follow the posts and I see you are working hard in the alpha and still discussing some content in the forum, but do we have an ETA for the new translation file? Maybe with the complete list of units / buildings / world features? I guess those should be defined by now right?
    I'm just asking, in case I'll miss/missed an announcement, so that I know when I can go back and work at the file.
    I know June was the deadline for the translations, is it safe to assume nearby then will be also the ETA for the final version of the translation file? (I expect there will be several reiterations with new/deprecated translation keys from here to the final version of the game).
    Thanks and keep up the good work!

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    For all intent and purpose: no.. you would need the english translation version.

    In actuality there probably is a way to translate them (depending on the format) but that sort of mass word translation is not readily available anywhere.

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