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    Comments, feedback, and suggestions welcome.

    Tier 1: Iron Skin (ST, Unit Enchantment, increases AC), Wall of Stone (S, City Enchantment, adds city walls or improves existing)
    Tier 2: Stone Form (S, Unit Enchantment, target becomes construct-type*), Lodestone (S, Tile Enchantment, mineral as nightshade)
    Tier 3: Earth's Embrace (T, Unit Enchantment, reduces movement to 0 but adds high damage resistance)
    Tier 4: Elemental Armor (ST, Unit Enchantment, adds Elemental resistance)
    Tier 5: Silent Sentinels (S, City Enchantment, adds guardians and -unrest in a city)
    Tier 6: Steel Skin (ST, Unit Enchantment, increases AC, adds Mundane Resistance)
    Tier 7: Iron Legion (S, Global Enchantment, all your units have Stone Skin)
    Tier 8: Nature's Wrath (S, Global Enchantment, damages a SL's cities when he casts a curse/damage spell at you)

    * no effects from negative/positive energy, immune to sneak attacks, bleeding, critical hits, mind-affecting spells
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