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    Comments, feedback, and suggestions welcome.

    Tier 1: Iron Skin (ST, Unit Enchantment, increases AC), Wall of Stone (S, City Enchantment, adds city walls or improves existing)
    Tier 2: Stone Form (S, Unit Enchantment, target becomes construct-type*), Lodestone (S, Tile Enchantment, mineral as nightshade)
    Tier 3: Earth's Embrace (T, Unit Enchantment, reduces movement to 0 but adds high damage resistance)
    Tier 4: Elemental Armor (ST, Unit Enchantment, adds Elemental resistance)
    Tier 5: Silent Sentinels (S, City Enchantment, adds guardians and -unrest in a city)
    Tier 6: Steel Skin (ST, Unit Enchantment, increases AC, adds Mundane Resistance)
    Tier 7: Iron Legion (S, Global Enchantment, all your units have Stone Skin)
    Tier 8: Nature's Wrath (S, Global Enchantment, damages a SL's cities when he casts a curse/damage spell at you)

    * no effects from negative/positive energy, immune to sneak attacks, bleeding, critical hits, mind-affecting spells
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    Stone Form should give some kind of combat bonus too whether it is hit points, AC, or resist. Silent Sentinels seems like a summoning spell. Iron Legion should be a tactical spell too. Shouldn't regeneration be in this list, or have we already used it somewhere?
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    Having Steel Skin and Stone Skin seems to much like copying each other for me. Personally I'd replace Steel Skin with Weapon Immunity and just have it give the Mundane Resistance... only more Mundane Resistance then when it was also going to give AC as well.
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