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    Comments, feedback, and suggestions welcome.

    Tier 1: Oozify (T, Unit Enchantment, target becomes Ooze-type), Cold Weakness* (T, Unit Enchantment, cold vulnerability)
    Tier 2: Planar Shift (S, Instant, moves unit to another plane), Quicksilver (S, Unit Enchantment, +movement)
    Tier 3: Wetlands (S, Terraforming, desert/tundra->plains->swamps)
    Tier 4: Quagmire (S, Terraforming, creates several swamps from one)
    Tier 5: Purging Waves (S, Instant, removes corruption and any spell from the tile)
    Tier 6: Ocean Blessing (S, Global Enchantment, increases food, gold, production from ocean squares)
    Tier 7: Divine Fertility (S, Global Enchantment, global population growth boost)
    Tier 8: Flood (S, Terraforming, sinks an unoccupied tile)

    *needs rename

    ooze = immunity to critical hits, sneak attacks, poison, bleeding
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