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    Comments, feedback, and suggestions welcome.

    Tier 1: Ice Bolt (T, Instant, direct ice damage), Frostbite (T, Unit Enchantment, halves movement points)
    Tier 2: Nodebreak (S, Instant, destroys siphon), Cold Pulse (S, Instant, direct damage)
    Tier 3: Dehydrate (T, Instant, small irresistible AoE damage)
    Tier 4: Arctic Chill (T, Instant, ice damage to all)
    Tier 5: Lower Resistance (T, Instant, lowers SR for a few turns)
    Tier 6: Ice Storm (T, Instant, cold+bludgeoning AoE)
    Tier 7: Shackles of Ice (S, Unit Enchantment, target stack cannot move until successful save)
    Tier 8: Maelstrom (S, Instant, large cold AoE damage)
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