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    Comments, feedback, and suggestions welcome.

    Tier 1: Psionic Blast (T, Instant, direct damage), Scrying (S, City Enchantment, sees inside a city)
    Tier 2: Mind Storm (T, Unit Enchantment, penalties to attack and ac), Charm (T, Instant, control a unit for 1 turn)
    Tier 3: Creativity (S, City Enchantment, increases research)
    Tier 4: Aura of Majesty (S, Global Enchantment, improves relations with other SLs)
    Tier 5: Spell Blast (S, Instant, dispels a spell during casting)
    Tier 6: Command (T, Unit Enchantment, control a unit for the battle)
    Tier 7: Creature Binding (S, Instant, control a summon)
    Tier 8: Spell Binding (S, Instant, control an enchantment)
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