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    Comments, feedback, and suggestions welcome.

    Tier 1: Floating Island (S, Summon, creates a 'ship' transporter), Phantom Warriors (T, Summon)
    Tier 2: Nagas (S, summon), Word of Recall (T, Instant, recalls unit to summoning circle)
    Tier 3: Water Elemental (T, summon)
    Tier 4: Gatelock (T, Combat Enchantment, disables summoning for the battle)
    Tier 5: Phantom Beast (T, summon)
    Tier 6: Marid (S, summon)
    Tier 7: Sea Serpent (S, summon)
    Tier 8: Great Unsummoning (S, Instant, banishes all enemy summons on a plane)
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