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    Comments, feedback, and suggestions welcome.

    Tier 1: Mirror Image (T, Unit Enchantment, absorbs the first few hits), Great Endurance (ST, +fortitude)
    Tier 2: Counter Magic (T, Combat Enchantment, counters spells), Resist Magic (T, Unit Enchantment, adds SR)
    Tier 3: Spell Lock (S, Unit Enchantment, an enchantment you have to dispel first)
    Tier 4: Reflect Damage (T, Unit Enchantment, reflects damage)
    Tier 5: Gates of Nullification (S, City Enchantment, units entering the town have their enchantments dispelled)
    Tier 6: Globe of Invulnerability (T, Unit Enchantment, unit gets magic immunity for a few turns)
    Tier 7: Ice Globe* (T, Combat Enchantment, lowers damage from enemy direct damage spells)
    Tier 8: Supress Magic (S, Global Enchantment, powerful global counter magic)

    *needs rename
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    Tier 7: Ice Shield, does that work?

    This list looks fine the way it is. +1
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    Great Endurance seems more like an earth thing to me. I'd also prefer to rename Ice Globe to Dome of Ice.

    Other then that, +1 from me.
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