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    Tier 1: Keen Edge (T, Unit Enchantment, increases critical chances), Slaveworks (S, Instant, adds production, kills population)
    Tier 2: Flaming Weapon (ST, Unit Enchantment, adds fire damage), Fervor (S, City Enchantment, increases production and unrest)
    Tier 3: Blazing Martyr (T, Unit Enchantment, big bonuses to a unit, it dies after the battle)
    Tier 4: Altar of Battle (S, City Enchantment, units produced in the city start at +3 levels)
    Tier 5: Burning Rage (T, Combat Enchantment, all your units have increased damage)
    Tier 6: Realm of Chaos (T, Combat Enchantment, all units receive random bonuses or penalties [biased towards yours])
    Tier 7: Magma Surge (S, Global Enchantment, buffs all fire summons)
    Tier 8: Metal Fires (S, Global Enchantment, all units have Flaming Weapon)
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