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    Tier 1: Flame Arrow (T, Instant, direct fire damage), Immolate (T, Instant, small damage to all units)
    Tier 2: Arson (S, Instant, destroys a random building), Minefield (T, Instant, places a few explosive mines on the battlefield)
    Tier 3: Fireball (T, Instant, fire AoE damage)
    Tier 4: Fire Storm (S, Instant, fire damage)
    Tier 5: Flame Strike (T, Instant, large direct fire damage)
    Tier 6: Doom Bolt (T, Instant, irresistible damage)
    Tier 7: Incinerating Cloud (T, Instant, large AoE, large damage)
    Tier 8: Meteor Storm (S, Global Enchantment, continuous damage and chances to destroy buildings)
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