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    Tier 1: Seering Aura (T, Unit Enchantment, fire resistance, damage on hit), Vengeful Wrath (T, Unit Enchantment, target gets bonuses as it loses HP)
    Tier 2: Cleansing Fire (T, Instant, deals damage but removes curses), Wall of Fire (S, City Enchantment, city has a damage-dealing wall)
    Tier 3: Blazing Barrier (S, Tile Enchantment, tiles are on fire dealing damage to units passing through)
    Tier 4: Fire Shield (T, Unit Enchantment, reflects damage in fire)
    Tier 5: Magic Taint (T, Combat Enchantment, deals damage on cast)
    Tier 6: Flaming Guardians (S, Global Enchantment, adds guardians in every city)
    Tier 7: Fiery Retribution (T, Combat Enchantment, reduced fire shield on all your units)
    Tier 8: Destruction Aegis (S, Global Enchantment, your units are immune to strategic damage spells)
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