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    Tier 1: Fire Weakness (T, Unit Enchantment, fire vulnerability), Essence of Fire (S, City Enchantment, +power for volcanos)
    Tier 2: Chaos Channels (S, Unit Enchantment, adds a random positive mutation), Exhaust (S, Instant, destroys a mineral)
    Tier 3: Drought (S, Terraforming, swamp/forest->plain->desert)
    Tier 4: Raise Volcano (S, Terraforming, raises a volcano)
    Tier 5: Warp Reality (T, Combat Enchantment, penalties to all non-summons)
    Tier 6: Infuse Sun (S, Global Enchantment, slowly dries the plane)
    Tier 7: Chaos Mastery (S, Global Enchantment, all units recruited with Chaos Channels)
    Tier 8: Great Wasting (S, Global Enchantment, desert, volcanoes and corruption appear on a plane)
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