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Thread: The Champions

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    The Champions

    OK guys, you know what this post is about. Our Hero slots are full and now we have to make Champions. We have 15 Champion slots to fill, 10 of which we have names for from backers. I plan to do a post about what we have from the backers soon.

    One thing to note is that we can move some of the Heroes up and make them Champions if we want to. Obviously if we do that it will open up some more Hero slots.

    So, what Champions do you guys want to see?
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    Are we posting suggestions or just general pointers?

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    Borrax The Mad

    Description- Berserker/Barbarian class

    Borrax was once a stout but unremarkable Dwarven Defender, sworn to the defence of his Ancestral City. Fate intervened to change all of that; an Orc Warlord tricked Borrox and the defenders away from the City whilst they destroyed it utterly. In one day, Borrox lost everything he once loved. Consumed with guilt and rage, he became a half-mad fighting machine, seeking only enemies to fight especially those of the Orc Race.

    Abilities- Mighty Rage, Indomitable Will, Inspire Courage, Aura of resolve, Spell Resistance, Charm Resistance, Favoured Enemy: Orcs.


    Having abandoned the disciplines of the Dwarven Defender, Borrax uses rage and his fearless nature to defeat his foes (along with a Double-handed Axe). Though covered in protective tattoos, he relies upon his physical hardiness to endure sustained battle.


    Amu-Hah Shekala

    Description- Hierophant class

    Once an Ancient Priest-King of a forgotten Kingdom long since swallowed up by the sands, Amu-Hah is a restless Mummy brought back to undeath when Elanraa's War of Ascension racked the World. A truly talented Cleric in life, he now serves the Unhallowed against the living.

    Abilities- Undead, Bolster Undead, Caster (Biomancy circle), Cursing Touch, Fear, Cold resistance, Electrical resistance, Fire vulnerability, Stoning immunity.


    Though armed with a Ceremonial Axe, Amu-Hah prefers to grab enemies by the neck and snap them like twigs. Should that fail, his cursing touch attack leaves the opponent far less able to resist. Extremely tough, strong, and highly resistant to magic, the embalming fluids and shroud that covers him is still flammable enough to be a liability.

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    Crap... can't resist.

    Borax the Mad:

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    Hotaru the Thrice Royal

    Description- Mystic Theurge Class (Sorcerer/Cleric origin)

    Hotaru the Thrice Royal was once but a normal Insectiod Princess of her hive city, who's only outstanding feature was a talent at sorcery. But then a collation of her city's enemies invaded and sacked the city, putting all inhabitants that they could find to the sword. Hotaru was the only survivor of the sack, when the Royal Guard's assigned to her knocked her out and ordered the Queens' Attendants to smuggle her out while they sacrificed themselves to cover her escape.

    When Hotaru awoke, she no longer was princess of the city, for the city no longer existed, and only scattered survivors from the massacre remained. There, from the mountains beyond the place she once knew as home, Hotaru vowed a mighty oath of vengeance.

    In the years to come she would be a persistent thorn in her enemies sides, combining a mastery of magic that only hate can lead too with the grim desperation of a people with nothing left to loose. Many were her attacks and raids, but she knew that, by herself, with only the scattered and shrinking survivors of the city she was once to rule at her sides, she would never win.

    And so Hotaru set out to make a collation of her own, combining forces from all races to destroy her enemies. It was a mighty effort, worthy of legends in and of itself, but in the end she succeeded. When she returned with her new vast armies, it was as the Cityless Queen that her followers had named her. And her enemies would burn.

    Unexpecting of such a deadly attack, Hotaru's enemies were utterly unprepared for the devastating assaults that lead to their own dooms, a distant echo of the ruin they had brought upon Hotaru's city so long ago.

    But in the end, while Hotaru claimed domination over her victory, she found that she did not know how to rule. Her lessons had never been finished, and she had no experience in leading in peace, only in commanding an army. And so she set out to join a lord better at rule then she was, so she could learn their ways, and eventually return to truly restore the city of her birth.

    Abilities- Caster, Banish, Purify, Healer

    Hotaru is a spellcaster of legend, having one her skills in the grim caldrons of hate, war, and vengeance. She has masterfully combined the twin arts of arcane and divine casting into one powerful whole, and can reap great devastation on any enemy who dares attack her in melee with the spear the Queen's Attendants that saved her so long ago trained her in.

    Traits- Aura of Resolve

    Hotaru's resolve is legendary, springing from the mighty oath of vengeance she once swore. No magic can charm her from her chosen path.

    Balkoth the Ill-Starred

    Description- Horizon Walker Class (Druid origin)

    Balkoth was born under a black moon, at the stroke of midnight, under at conflux of raw elemental evil as the heaven's above aligned themselves around the pole star, the gate from which the hells enter the world. With such a cursed birth, it was no wonder that though born from humans he had horns and razor sharp teeth from his first moment of birth.

    With such an evil beginning, many people would have slain the infant in his crib, but his parents were mostly sterile, and could not bare to slay their only living child. So instead they gave him up to the local druids, in hopes that they would be able to prevent his obvious fate of evil.

    In the utter violation of all relevant tropes, they mostly succeeded. Balkoth had a childhood as any children had, and was taught firmly the difference between right and wrong, cruelty and kindness. And he somehow managed to fail to fall into the depths of darkness. Perhaps it is because the druids insured that he was raised among the other foundlings they had been given, and he didn't want a life of loneliness when he had to but not be an idiot to keep all his friends?

    But in the long run, it could not last. His mere presence called down evil rumors, and the locals begin to blame the druids for all that went wrong in their lives. Eventually, Balkoth left his home behind, swearing to only return when he had found a way to purge the darkness from his figure, so that he could live in peace among that and those which he loved, and which loved him back.

    He still wanders today. In hopes that a Sorcerer Lord may know a way to purify him of the evils of his birth, he is currently looking for a lord of light and decency to join.

    Abilities- Purify, Wild Shape, Regeneration

    Balkoth, before all other things, was raised as a druid. While he never truly mastered druidical magic, the darkness within his blood preventing spells of kindness of balance from being casted unwarped, his long travels has given him much time to master the arts of shapeshifting, and he can even shift his wounds closed, healing visibly in battle. Meanwhile, his long search for ways to purify himself of the evil he was stricken with when he was born has granted him the knowledge of how to purify the lands of darkness.

    Traits- Evasion, Fast Movement, Illusion Immunity

    Balkoth has traveled for many ages now, and come against those who would do him harm simply because of his looks quite often. Against those that hate and fear him, his limbs be swift as he leaves to a safer place, and few strikes will strike true against one so often attacked. Such is his skill at detecting traps and ambushes that not even the most cunning illusion can fool him any more.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Troy_Costisick View Post
    Crap... can't resist.

    Borax the Mad:

    Hey... that product copied my champion!

    Ah well it does seem a running theme...

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    Description :- Fighter

    An outlaw of the worst kind, Grom is an ogre, and has plied his trade, for over a decade, in the northlands. Stealing, killing, and other unspeakable acts have come, as second nature to him. War has arrived, on the planes, and as in all wars, murderous brutes are in high demand. Grom fills that role perfectly...

    Abilities:- Looting, Raiding, Fear, Bleeding attack.

    Traits:- Grom is a brute, using his size, and strength to pummel most opponents, to a bloody pulp his favoured weapons are two curved blades which he wears on huge, specially modified gloves.

    Perin Ninetoes

    perin Ninetoes.jpg

    Description :- Ranger

    Winner of the world renowned, Porkmiester Cup, 6 years running. Perin considers himself the finest shot in the land with a sling. He has been appointed sheriff Protector of the halfling lands, for the past decade, and is regarded a hero of great prestige, amongst halflings, and other people of the planes. War has come, and Perin will lend a hand to the right cause.

    Abilities :- Point blank shot, Rapid shot, Sneak, Sneak attack.

    Traits :- Evasion, Farshot, Uncanny dodge.
    Perin is a skilled Ranger, able to blend in with most scenery. Hes a master with the sling, but can handle himself in Close combat too, dual wielding daggers.
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    Name: Kelithengol
    Race: Dark Elf Drider
    Class: Blackguard
    Abilities: Web (as ability, not spell), minor spell casting (appropriate for his level as a Blackguard), regeneration.
    Description: Kelithengol is an outcast warrior from a Dark Elf colony. He opposed the slavery that defined his homeland and spoke out against it often. When he freed a massive trove of slaves, he was banished forever. Now, he roams the lands as a mercenary, selling his allegiance to any sorcerer lord willing to pay him.
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