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Thread: The Champions

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    Wow guys! You're really pouring out the creativity.

    I plan to do a post about the backer's champions here in just a few minutes.
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    OK guys, I'm just jumping in to let you know that I'm pushing the champions off until next week. I'll try to make sure these get moved to their own sub-forum by then (it's just "click, click", but we have to take a moment and click the clicks). I hope to be able to start collecting feedback on specific champions Monday
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    Obviously we've gotten the sub-forum in place now

    I've also done a few posts about the backer champions. Keep in mind I'm going to use the lore suggestions you guys post as inspirations for their writeups
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    OK, we are running out of time and room here.

    I've got four more backers that have to give me some information on their champions. Add that with the eight we have right now (nine including Amu-Hah Shekala) and that's thirteen. That means we may only have room for two more. I've posted about three possibilities. Do we have any more suggestions?
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    Amberclaw was but an infant when Orcs drove the Grey Elves out of their homes and away from the woods. She was overlooked by the Orcs, but found by a Unicorn. She has never known her parents or her people... but she knows the Forest.
    For three hundred years, now, she has roamed the forest, and in many ways, has succeeded alone in where her family failed. Though Orcs do not wholly avoid the wood, few hunt there, and those who seek wood find trees that have already fallen. For the Elf of the Forest hunts there, and their parents, and grandparents, and great-grandparents, tell stories about her. She guides the lost safely out, but slays without mercy those who threaten her home. She is the one they tell their children will come and find them if they don't finish their meat. She might be that bear, or a jaguar, or even that hawk flying above. Deadly and elusive, she has haunted the land all her life.

    But now, strange ripples run through the wind. Her animals tell her of growing darkness. Even the Orcs are behaving strangely. A war comes that will engulf not only her small forest, but the whole world. Even the Unicorns are worried. Perhaps it is time to leave the comforts of her home. Perhaps it is time to ally herself with something greater.

    Class: Druid
    Abilities: Caster, Fear, Forester, Point Blank Shot, Rapid Shot, Wild Shape
    Perks: Evasion, Far Shot

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    there once was a girl who loved a boy, but she was betrothed to the king for a political alliance. she knew her place and found the strength to bear this burden for her family. the king was a great warrior, and was fond of drink and women. he drank and whored while his advisors ran their little schemes. the girl became a woman and bore children for the king, as did several other women in the kingdom. she saw how the weak were fooled by the petty schemes of the court, and knew of her husband's infidelity, but she didn't despair, for was no weak little thing. her children would rule the kingdom when the king died, which would not take long with all the drinking he did. her children were killed in political intrigue one at a time, normally a weak woman would despair and be helpless, but she was no weak little thing. she assassinated all her enemies, then put her husband into a coma with poison.
    normally when the king was bedridden for so long a steward was chosen, as women are seen as too weak to rule, but she was no weak little thing. she sat at the council meetings, and anyone who was chosen to be steward was quickly found dead, and thus she was left alone to rule. she knew that one day her husband would die, and a successor would be chosen. the weak accept the inevitable, but she was no weak little thing. she studied different ways to prolong life, and found magic to her liking. she spared no expense, but the kingdom was not as rich as it once was, as the king had spent much of the treasury on banquets and jousts. the weak are poor, and she was no weak little thing. she liquidated the assets of different nobles to pay for her pursuits, those that objected were killed. as she grew in power she began to use magic to prolong her own life, to maintain a level of youth and desirability for when she was ready to marry again. she studied to learn all there is to know about magic and how to keep herself from ever being at the mercy of another man, and the decades flew by. her kingdom once full of plentiful people dwindled to a desolate thing, as people feared her and would sneak away in the night. after a few hundred years she found her kingdom no longer a kingdom, populated only with the few advisors she left alive. she realized that she was seen as too harsh, a weaker person would have lamented over their mistakes, but she was no weak thing. she slew all those left in her kingdom and set out to join a strong and powerful ruler, to either learn how to keep a kingdom and start her own, marry him and rule at his side, or usurp his throne.
    the weak would shy away from certain races for whatever reason, but she is no weak little thing.

    class: wizard
    race: human
    abilities: caster (biomancy), indomitable will
    perks: charm immunity, divine health


    once upon a time there was a boy. the boy was smart, but was shunned by the other kids. as he grew older he felt lonely, but being smart he made himself a companion. he breathed life into an illusion that he formed to fulfill his desires. as he grew older he improved the illusion little by little. eventually he grew old and died, but the illusion lived on. she takes a form to seduce lonely men, to give them companionship when no one else will. sometimes there are rumors that the hot wife of a noble or peasant is just an illusion, but most of time these rumors are born out of jealousy and are in fact not of this one particular living illusion, but sometimes it is true. every once in a while she'll act as a camp follower to an army, full of young boys that through war have found themselves alone among others. a great war is coming, and her heart aches for those that will become so scarred by the battles that they will not be able find another to share their life with, so she has decided to something unprecedented, to fight for one who might lessen the loneliness that boys might endure.

    class: shadow dancer
    race: illusionary female (gray elf)
    abilities: illusionary, charm, sneak, regeneration, teleporting
    perks: charm immunity, illusion immunity, poison immunity, stoning immunity, diving health, uncanny dodge

    basically a shadow dancer that is also an illusion, with regeneration and charm. i gave the immunities due to illusions probably shouldn't be subject to stoning, poison, or disease. due to being a sentient illusion, should probably be immune to charms and other illusions.
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