This is a male High Men justicar (he's going to work like a general). The backer gave us very specidic feedback here.

This is what he had to say about Calin's “class”:

I looked at the original classes in MoM, and tried to find some on the WoM wiki. I'd like the Champion to fill an army commander role. I don't know if they'll actively take part in the battles as a unit, or if they'll hang back, heroes of might and magic style. A class which would passively buff the army it's attached to, extra experience, extra morale, etc. In the alternative, a witchhunter/inquisitor class would also be cool, maybe one with specific abilities against mages or the undead. Please don't make the champion a healer, or a priest, or something conceptually similar. I'm trying to go for a ruling military noble, not a supplicant member of the clergy.

So, what do we want to do with that direction?