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    Lady Lavini

    Here we have a female High Men knight. I would appreciate lore hooks. However, I do want us to avoid any sexism, as it were. Female knights are going to be rare in WoM (hence no regular female units), but Lady Lavini is an exception to the general rule. Whatever her talents are or background is it should be obvious to everyone that she's a worthy and honorable knight. I don't want any “struggling against the man” themes, lol. In WoM no one has to struggle against “the man” unless “the man” is some evil king, queen, or sorcerer lord

    Our backer gave us a good direction I think. Here's what they had to say:

    Concept: I have never seen a female knight in any fantasy game, or if I do they are in a scale-mail bikini. Lady Lavinia would not, think of the East German shot putter, or opera singing Valkyrie type, large (but not actually obese), perhaps think Trunchbull from that movie Matilda if you know it. (but not that evil)

    So, we might want to go with a large, physically powerful female. It would stand out as original.

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    A warrior who wields her sword with her arms instead of relying on Boobs of Steel?

    What an oddly non-stupid concept. =P

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    So kind of a Brienne of Tarth sort of character?

    Liesel was born into House Lavini, a minor noble family hailing from a wooded island off a tempestuous coastal area. As the only child of the House, and with a Father too sick to carry out his duties to the Island's sparse villages, it fell to Liesel to take up Arms and represent her Father's authority. Life was hard on the Island; Raiders often tried to set up bases to harass local shipping and had to be driven off, dangerous beasts needed slaying and Peasants looked to Liesel for Justice in their incessant squabbles. Liesel loved it all, but the outside world was an even bigger playground that could not be ignored especially with war looming. The idea of a female knight often elicited negative response, one intended cruelty was the title 'Lady Lavini' to mock her tomboyish attitude. Liesel took this as a badge of honour and few have not been impressed by her dedication to Knightly virtues and skill at Arms.

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    list of women warriors in history:

    war troll's write up seems good.

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    Yeah, +1 to War Troll
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    +1 from me
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    Good pitch War Troll! This was my spin on it:

    Lady Lavinia

    I had dropped the last "a" in her name before... Anyways, I got it fixed before the end and that's what counts, lol.
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