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Thread: Simbey the Sorcerer

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    Simbey the Sorcerer

    Here we have a male High Men sorcerer. We got an interesting suggestion from the backer on this one, lol. Here it is:

    Concept Image

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    Hmm. Kind of a fruit basket character. Has a bit of everything but not enough to shine in any particular role.

    Sounds like a lesser champion that is useful early on when you don't have much of a power base, yet, and gives you a place to put a great number of "fitting" items.

    I could imagine a "melee sorcerer", though.
    He doesn't work through raw power but through special abilities that let him survive in melee combat.
    More like a magical adept / monk character. Not a lot of HP or "shields" but abilities to evade blows, hit hard with a melee-range magic attack, and dance back out of melee range. Not just standing there and slugging it out like a good troll. =)

    What abilities that would be - or if they must be existing ones - I dunno.
    Don't have any special early-anything access. =)
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    Perhaps a Fighter/Sorcerer based Eldritch Knight? They can do both punchy and casty things, but aren't masters of either...
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    Alright. I took a good long look at our sample image and this is what I came up with:

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    I'm not sure if anyone's noticed but Simbey is absurdly overpowered. Don't get me wrong he's great fun to use but he single-handedly clears any opposition easily. How? Give him as many instances of evoker as possible and a few +20 mp's through items. (Unless icestorm comes up during leveling in which case take that) He's immune to missile attacks so archer types can't hurt him. Melee characters can't reach him in time so unless the opponent can wipe him out with magic attacks in the first turn he's going to win. At level 16/17 I've managed to give him 8 x evoker through levels/items. Doom bolt does 180 damage to one hit pretty much anything. Chain lightning does on average: 157.5, 126, 94.5, 63, 31.5 but it's not uncommon to see 4+ hits in the 100s. It also hits 5 units regardless of how they're spaced. And then there's fireball (or icestorm) for if units are clumped. As long as you take out any threats first it's easy to clear the board with the rest.

    Actually whenI think about it it's probably Evoker that's broken. Maybe there should be a cap on evoker 4 or 5?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Urifirehand View Post
    Actually whenI think about it it's probably Evoker that's broken. Maybe there should be a cap on evoker 4 or 5?
    Hm, that sounds familiar: http://forum.wastelands-interactive....ll=1#post78463

    I would disagree with picking Ice Storm*, though; Doom Bolt and Chain Lightning are all you need, so just stack Evoker. Game over. (Also, pick up Aledar as well if you can and take Evoker every level except when you get to take Doom Bolt. Because the two of them at level 20 in an army together can handle basically anything.)

    *because Ice Storm is so cheap to cast and the infusion does nothing, that's what your Sorclord should open with if you're facing a tight knot of many low-level creatures and you feel the need to kill them all in the first round. Anything left can get the Chain Lightning/Doom Bolt treatment. But, if you really want Ice Storm, just get Aquestrielle. She's a good investment, and starts with it.

    **And this is why I'm not going with Evoker with my current playthrough - makes everything too easy
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    Hm, that sounds familiar:
    Looks like I'm not the first to notice for sure. Good to note that the devs have dropped the bonus to 10% on the latest update. (seems like I'll have to work harder for my victories now!! ) I'll be interested to see if that balances things a sufficiently.

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