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Thread: Balkoth the Ill-Starred

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    Balkoth the Ill-Starred

    OK, I like the base idea here. Before I go on I want to underline the fact that we're running out of champion slots. So, I may post a few a day and count the +1s to decide which to work in. Anyways, this was Happerry's pitch:

    Description- Horizon Walker Class (Druid origin)

    Balkoth was born under a black moon, at the stroke of midnight, under at conflux of raw elemental evil as the heaven's above aligned themselves around the pole star, the gate from which the hells enter the world. With such a cursed birth, it was no wonder that though born from humans he had horns and razor sharp teeth from his first moment of birth.

    With such an evil beginning, many people would have slain the infant in his crib, but his parents were mostly sterile, and could not bare to slay their only living child. So instead they gave him up to the local druids, in hopes that they would be able to prevent his obvious fate of evil.

    In the utter violation of all relevant tropes, they mostly succeeded. Balkoth had a childhood as any children had, and was taught firmly the difference between right and wrong, cruelty and kindness. And he somehow managed to fail to fall into the depths of darkness. Perhaps it is because the druids insured that he was raised among the other foundlings they had been given, and he didn't want a life of loneliness when he had to but not be an idiot to keep all his friends?

    But in the long run, it could not last. His mere presence called down evil rumors, and the locals begin to blame the druids for all that went wrong in their lives. Eventually, Balkoth left his home behind, swearing to only return when he had found a way to purge the darkness from his figure, so that he could live in peace among that and those which he loved, and which loved him back.

    He still wanders today. In hopes that a Sorcerer Lord may know a way to purify him of the evils of his birth, he is currently looking for a lord of light and decency to join.

    Abilities- Purify, Wild Shape, Regeneration

    Balkoth, before all other things, was raised as a druid. While he never truly mastered druidical magic, the darkness within his blood preventing spells of kindness of balance from being casted unwarped, his long travels has given him much time to master the arts of shapeshifting, and he can even shift his wounds closed, healing visibly in battle. Meanwhile, his long search for ways to purify himself of the evil he was stricken with when he was born has granted him the knowledge of how to purify the lands of darkness.

    Traits- Evasion, Fast Movement, Illusion Immunity

    Balkoth has traveled for many ages now, and come against those who would do him harm simply because of his looks quite often. Against those that hate and fear him, his limbs be swift as he leaves to a safer place, and few strikes will strike true against one so often attacked. Such is his skill at detecting traps and ambushes that not even the most cunning illusion can fool him any more.

    Now, I think I would shift the lore a bit and make him a half-demon or something like that, but I do like the general idea. A good half-demon is an interesting take.


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    So since he is half demon, could he shift into a demon on occasion?

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    More an addition to the story without specific gameplay effect:

    Every time he "dies" and regenerates back up he becomes a little more demonic... and less human.

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    I think Balkoth is trademarked by the company that made Lords of Magic, so we probably can't use that name.
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    +1 to him.

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    I doubt Balkoth is trademarked, but maybe a rename to 'Bolkoth' or 'Belkoth' to be sure. +1.

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    +1 from me, but I'm -1 on the shape shifting stuff since it would probably require a new character model. Not sure WI has the time or money for any more than we are already getting.
    Same feeling here.
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    +1 from me, of course.

    And as for race, I tried not to define if he was an actual half demon or just a tiefling in the fluff.
    The Wiki.

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    +1 from me, but I'm -1 on the shape shifting stuff since it would probably require a new character model. Not sure WI has the time or money for any more than we are already getting.
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    wild shape is a unit ability on the wiki.

    as for tieflings, they are half demons, well maybe not exactly half, maybe a quarter or less, but not much difference lore wise.

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