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Thread: Kelithengol

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    This is one is from Troy. I think this one is a little “muddled”, but we can easily fix it. And the pitch runs thus:

    Race: Dark Elf Drider
    Class: Blackguard
    Abilities: Web (as ability, not spell), minor spell casting (appropriate for his level as a Blackguard), regeneration.
    Description: Kelithengol is an outcast warrior from a Dark Elf colony. He opposed the slavery that defined his homeland and spoke out against it often. When he freed a massive trove of slaves, he was banished forever. Now, he roams the lands as a mercenary, selling his allegiance to any sorcerer lord willing to pay him.

    Although an anti-slavery Blackguard would certainly be original, I don't think it sends a clear message. We could go one of two ways in my opinion: We could make him a Paladin as a twist (or just make him a “neutral” class) or we can change the reason he was exiled to some more normal Blackguard suitable reason.

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    I'd like to keep the background of why he was exiled. Don't care about the other stuff
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    I prefer that idea.
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    +1 to the concept.

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    +1 from me too
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    +1 to the Dark Elf Abolitionist!

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    +1 to a Dark Elf Abolitionist
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    well he could believe that slavery leads to a weakened people, like a crutch. maybe he is kicking that crutch out from under the dark elves, not for the slave's benefit, but for the greater good (making the dark elves strong enough to slaughter all other races). now he realizes that the dark elves have grown too decadent, and a strong leader needs to take charge and cleanse the world of lesser beings. in other words more nazi, less roman.

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    Wow jamo, that's a wild idea and would marry the concepts of anti-slavery and blackgaurd.

    Do we like this or the good dark elf better?
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    +1 to Jamoecw's concept. I know Drizz't was a long time ago now, but the Dark Elf Gone Rogue still feels cliche to me; the Dark Elf Gone Too Dark For The Dark Elves, on the other hand, I don't think I've seen before!

    Just make sure he's not a two-weapon fighter, please...hehe...

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