Mmm... as much as I'd like to go forth again, I like Jamoecw's tweaked version a lot. Just this,
...but above all she is still a Valkyrie, and her heart thirsts for honorable battle
...neatly makes her much more available, and the shift to an Orc rather than a Dwarf helps cement that our Angels don't only apply to the commonly-perceived-as-Good races. (As they clearly don't, since you can run a Life-based Lord with Dark Elves if you want.)

Breaking away from Lore and into mechanics, though, I think she should have Caster among her abilities; probably Life/Mentalism, as a somewhat different route to her inspirational abilities. Arms Master is totally appropriate, but it's feeling overused in our Champions - in her case, I'd note that she inspires heroics, not just... better soldiering. (So `Heroism' should definitely be in her personal spell list..<grin>)