OK guys, we're basically down to what may be our last Champion slot (obviously, just for the moment). We've had some more suggestions on the Champions thread that we may want to take a look at. Amberclaw is one of them. As always, I'll tweak the story to fit into the world lore as I see it, but here's Lintking's pitch:

Amberclaw was but an infant when Orcs drove the Grey Elves out of their homes and away from the woods. She was overlooked by the Orcs, but found by a Unicorn. She has never known her parents or her people... but she knows the Forest.
For three hundred years, now, she has roamed the forest, and in many ways, has succeeded alone in where her family failed. Though Orcs do not wholly avoid the wood, few hunt there, and those who seek wood find trees that have already fallen. For the Elf of the Forest hunts there, and their parents, and grandparents, and great-grandparents, tell stories about her. She guides the lost safely out, but slays without mercy those who threaten her home. She is the one they tell their children will come and find them if they don't finish their meat. She might be that bear, or a jaguar, or even that hawk flying above. Deadly and elusive, she has haunted the land all her life.

But now, strange ripples run through the wind. Her animals tell her of growing darkness. Even the Orcs are behaving strangely. A war comes that will engulf not only her small forest, but the whole world. Even the Unicorns are worried. Perhaps it is time to leave the comforts of her home. Perhaps it is time to ally herself with something greater.

Class: Druid
Abilities: Caster, Fear, Forester, Point Blank Shot, Rapid Shot, Wild Shape
Perks: Evasion, Far Shot

Amberclaw is basically “running against” Balkoth the Ill-Starred. I think Balkoth should be a male character. Amberclaw is a very solid female character.

So, thoughts?