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    Battleboard Pacing

    Alright guys, the time has come to take another look at the pacing of the battleboard. As you probably know we work in what might be considered a big circle. We work on a single aspect of WoM until it's where we want it for the moment then we put it down until we've got other things worked on. Well, the time has come to pick the battleboard up again.

    I want to make a couple of things clear before we dive in. First, this is a request for feedback and ideas. No matter how good we feel an idea is we're not necessarily going to implement it. We are “polishing” and aren't likely to make major changes before release (unless you come up with something “next level brilliant”). So, although we sincerely want feedback, we're not going to use all of it. Second, by “pacing” we mean the speed at which the battle flows. We're not looking to add new mechanics, only to refine what we have already.

    So, that having been said I'm going to share with you what I feel would help the pacing of the battleboard. I don't claim any of these ideas as my own. Many or you have talked about these before. I'm merely laying out the official “Aaron Supports This” list.

    And here it is:

    Speed up the animations. I think we can all agree that the animations are well done. However, they're just too slow for a good sized battle. We have to speed up both movement and attack. We also need to add options for controlling the animation speeds all the way up to “turn off the animations”.

    Start units in variable positions. This is one a lot of you have mentioned. I think it also ties to the “make the battleboard smaller” requests. We can't really make the battle board smaller because fast moving units need room to maneuver in. However, we don't want “dead turns” in the combat either. The obvious solution seems to be to change the starting positions of the units depending on the composition of the armies involved. If we've got all melee units they should start close together. If either side has ranged units they should start a little further apart. If either side has fast moving units they should start even further apart. We can tweak it until we have it just like we want it. The main thing is that combat should start on turn one and every unit should have the room it needs to be effective.

    Automatically end the turn. We could add a feature that automatically ends the turn once none of your units have valid moves left. This will move combat along without having to click “end turn” every single turn.

    So, that's what we've got so far. What do we think? Do we have more ideas or suggestions?
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