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Thread: Crusade Equivalent Spell?

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    Crusade Equivalent Spell?

    I haven't been on this forum long, but I noticed something that concerns me: a lack of a spell like Crusade.
    One of my favorite builds in MoM was warlord, alchemist, and all life books, then spamming (relatively) superpowered normal units. How doable will that be in WoM? I also noticed that alchemist doesn't give magical weapons to all normal units anymore.

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    another good one is torin, warlord, and myrran. the tough part is lucking out with getting the torin spell. sorcerer lords will throw out dispels left and right to knock out your buffs, but those three are pretty stable and will help create a super stack of death.

    the strongest combo though is probably timestop, artificer, and runemaster, though. all you need to win is enough mana to cast time stop + at least 400 mana, as well at least 400 spell skill. cast time stop, make an item of at least 400, then sell it for a profit to cover the cost of the crafting+time stop upkeep, rinse and repeat until you win. this is quite a bit more boring in my opinion though.

    if the game had multiplayer in it, the various sorcery dispels would have had to be removed or tweaked, as it is far too easy to dispel everything your opponent casts, resulting in your armies being augmented against non augmented troops.

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