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    It came up here but it was way off topic so...

    Officers could be generated on the fly.
    "Captain" is a bit too specific but that's more of a personal opinion. It's just a word...

    if a regularly trained unit reaches max level, there is a chance for an officer to spawn and the unit (if it's still at 2+ members) to be reduced by 1 member count.

    You may not always want to have this officer - especially if this would destroy the spawning unit by reducing it to 0 members - so there would be a prompt to promote an "enlisted soldier" to an officer.

    There wouldn't need to be a backstory since these are simply generic units that have some leadership ability and above-average stats compared to the basic unit.
    An officer could also have a "leadership" ability that only affects the exact unit type he was spawned from, making it more specialised than the general heroes ad champs.

    A "Warlord" sorcerer could get by with less magic since his troops advance faster and more officers spawn. It would take a bit of lead time but with such "battlefield promotions", there would be a bunch of "lesser" heroes instead of the specifically summoned ones.
    The "Warlord" perk could also have them spawn at lower unit ranks - or at an increasing chance at every unit level-up, emphasising the warlord's reliance on "regular" troops.
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    Ooo... definitely +1 to this!
    Maybe as part of a DLC?

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    That's certainly an interesting idea. These guys would kind of be a step below normal heroes. This is clearly DLC/Expansion material at this point, but as I've said before there's no reason not to start talking about this stuff now
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    given that the warlord trait boosts the level troops reach, you'll boost the rate of promotable units (if it only happens at the final rank, then the chances would double since the unit get another level over the final, and thus a second chance).

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    Would this be in addition to or a replacement for the spontaneous hero promotion idea discussed way back when?

    I'm not sure I would favor these "officers" over full-on heroes. The spontaneous heroes previously discussed were already talked about being towards the lower end of the hero spectrum, possibly also with a lower max level than pre-defined heroes. Also, when you get a max level normal unit, they can go toe to toe with a hero and maybe win. I don't see there's enough room inbetween a top normal unit and a low level hero to justify another "tier" of unit like an officer.

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    I know I'd support a Hero Expansion that adds spontaneous heroes, officers, and a nice large serving of new normal heroes and champions....
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