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Thread: Altais: Age of Ruin; A Kickstarter Project

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    Altais: Age of Ruin; A Kickstarter Project

    I found this Pen and Paper RPG project, and I love the setting and magic system (along with some of the other mechanics they talked about).
    I'm posting it here because the project is struggling and I really want this project to happen.

    I can't explain it as well as the creator of the project did, but I will give a brief summery of it. I would suggest using the links if you want a better and full (but longer and more spread out) explanation of the topic.

    The lore is that humanity found out that much of our universe's properties are the influence of other universes on ours. A "veil" separated our universes, but it could be weakened or strengthened for many purposes. They were able to devise a ship and other devices that allowed them to fly into the stars and colonize the planet of Altais. But they lost contact with Earth, and over thousands of years forgot the technology that brought them to the planet.

    Eventually, whether by exposure to Altais or as a side-effect of using the technology, some people began to be able to alter the veil without the use of technology. Great empires rose on Altais each having a different specialization in magic. Yet, one of the brightest stars in the sky fell to the planet, causing a cataclysm and the veil to behave sporadically for many years. That was over a millennia ago.

    Magic is explained more in-depth here:
    The system is quite cool. It works by thickening the veil to a certain universe or weakening it (sometimes to the point where a portal opens). For example, one of the universes is the Wild. Time flows faster there, and it was commonly used for travel. People would open portals to the Wild, and after a couple of weeks travel in it they would open another portal to emerge at their destination with only a few seconds having passed in our universe. The parallel planet was rather barren, but seeds clung to traveler's shoes, and animals went through the permanent gates that were erected. In the thousands of years since it was first used, millions of years have passed there. Huge jungles have grown, and animals and plants have evolved and made travel in the Wyld rather dangerous. It still has uses, as the veil can still be lowered to speed up time or thickened to slow it (in our universe). Travel through the Wild is still possible, but it's only for the desperate.

    Finally, there are some neat mechanics that are explained in this post:

    The system uses only d10s and has you roll (depending on your ability score) up to 6. You take the highest number, and add the relevant skill's modifier to it. But if you roll a 10, you also take the second highest. If that's also a 10, you take the third highest (and so on).

    There are no levels, players spend exp to acquire new abilities or to increase scores (the cost to increase a particular thing depends on your class). There is a talent system, which are things that have a resource cost to use but are very helpful. They have a high value and a low value (so players have to think on how much to spend before using them; it reminds me of 4e dnd's power points on at-will powers). There are two spendable resources, stamina and valor. Stamina is easy to acquire, while valor is rare.

    Finally, the mechanic I find the most interesting is wild surges. Anytime you use magic, you roll a check (using the first system I talked about). There is an inherent value that changes depending upon the circumstances in addition to the value needed to pass the check. If any of your rolls are at or below that value, there would be an unintentional side effect (the severity of which depends on how many dice are at or below it). 1 or 2 dice is a mild side effect, 3-4 can lead to people getting hurt, and 5-6 can be deadly. Now, isn't that unfair to high level players who will be rolling more dice? Well you choose how many dice to roll for magic, for they'll probably roll 1 or 2 for something simple, but risk many for something grand.
    There's an example of this on the magic page.

    Thank you for reading!
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    Seems very similar to the Numenera settings that was already Kickstarted a while ago, by Monte Cook. Even the art is very similar, compare the domed city in the desert with which is from Torment : Tides of Numenera (a kickstarted computer RPG based on the Numenera settings).

    So while I do like the idea, I'll stick to my Numenera for now, I don't have a need for two settings that similar, and I already have Numenera. But good luck to the project anyway

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