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Thread: Wikied Spells

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    not sure how dispeling works, but if it is like MoM. things that are too expensive to cast early game tend to take a lot to dispel. things that can be cast early game tend to get dispelled almost immediately during late game, dispel was powerful, unless you spammed magic like crazy, or picked expensive magic to cast. this doesn't become an issue until the AI got patched to use dispel regularly though (like you should be doing if you can).
    that is why things that can be cast early should work decent during mid game, or scale really good into late game. i think raider's luck might fit into this category, fairly useful during mid game (lots of clearing of lairs, taking weak cities), super useful late game (taking richer cities regularly). and since it is an early spell, you will have to keep recasting it before you sack a city during late game (which means less mana for the battle).

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    An enchantment could "age".

    The longer an enchantment "stays on", the harder it gets to dispell.
    (maybe to a max of 150% of normal difficulty)

    Just a random idea...

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