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Thread: It's Beta Time!

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    It's Beta Time!

    Yes, our wonderful backers, the time has finally come for beta testing! Now, to start with we're not simply going to throw the doors open and let everyone in. We may have bugs hiding here and there and we're certainly expecting a lot of feedback from you guys. In order to keep the amount of feedback we get “manageable” we're going to be sending out keys in stages.

    The suggestion was made that the first backers to get into beta testing should be those that really want to beta test. We had to admit that there was a certain logic behind that. So, to begin with, we're asking for volunteers. You can request beta access by following the link below:

    Request Beta Access

    A number of those who request access should receive keys by next Thursday (July 31st). Those keys will be good for two weeks (That is to say, you'll have two weeks to activate them). So, we ask you all to use them when you get them and start play testing. We need your feedback!

    At this point beta testing is going to be completely handled through Steam. So, for the moment, you will only be able to beta test if you're using Steam.

    We hope to have all the beta testers in by the end of August. This is simply phase one.

    As always we thank you for your generosity and patience!
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    YES this sounds great! Steam is my favorite platform as well
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    Hmm, it's asking for paypal and kickstarter info. I didn't support you guys via kickstarter, and don't have an account with them. I do have a paypal account, but it's not for personal use. In any case, I didn't pay you guys with paypal.

    I really want in on the Beta Test!

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    Likewise, I paid directly. Had to do some digging on my bank history to find it, but there it sits...

    02/19/2014 Debit Card Transaction DRI*WASTELANDS INTER WWW.ESLR8.COM MN 02/18 $43.35
    (this was Mayor level, BTW.)

    How do those of us that went this route proceed?

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    As with the Alpha, Steam is a blocker for me, so have fun all those who will enjoy the Beta, but I'll have to skip my turn.

    The day there is a non-Steam version (and if possible a Linux build) I'll be glad to test it and give feedback.

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    Alright! I'm excited about this, Aaron. Can't wait

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    I'd just like to through out there that I was a closed-beta tester for Age of Wonders 3 and my name can be seen in the credits (look for Drew 'Tristan Titans Bane' West for any of you that have AoW3). I am also testing for Endless Legend, although as part of their early access on Steam.

    So if your looking for someone with experience, testing similar-esque games, please consider me

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    Ah, finally!

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    Just out of curiosity: How many of us backers are there? And how many of us will be allowed into the initial beta test?

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    There are over 2000 potential backers based upon the number of backers on the Kickstarters.

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